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May 28, 2019 (Burnaby, BC) – Plant-based beverage company Earth’s Own continues to pursue its plant-based mission by unveiling Oat Barista, its newest oat beverage product created with coffee drinkers in mind and developed in partnership with expert baristas. The latest game-changing beverage by the brand that digs plants, Oat Barista is delicious, creamy and nutritious on its own. Not only that, but its high-performance micro-foam is great for those laying down some latte art, making it the ideal companion for professional coffee slingers and at home aficionados. Earth’s Own Oat Barista’s frothy-friendly goodness is now available at cafes and major retailers across Canada.

According to the Canadian Coffee Association, coffee — which is often coined the “nectar of the gods” – was drunk by 72% of Canadians within the past day, and nearly half of the country treats themselves to a single-cup brewer at home. With the new Canada Food Guide published last month encouraging the nation to choose protein foods derived from plants more frequently, close to half of the country is now looking to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diet (and coffee of course!).

According to Earth’s Own President Rex Sheehy, when it comes to delivering an outstanding coffee experience, Oat Barista is the answer. “We were delighted with our Oat Barista as it delivers a no compromise experience.  We believe in inspiring people to make a better choice for themselves and the environment and feel that our delicious oat barista beverage does this for the growing coffee savvy community,” says Sheehy. “Our Earth’s Own Oat Barista’s subtle flavour pairs perfectly with any type of coffee without overpowering it, and the creamy consistency is similar to cow’s milk, allowing any coffee-lover to steam, froth and pour with ease. For those just getting into going plant-based, your morning coffee is a great place to start.”

Earth’s Own is on a relentless mission to change the world through a plant-based movement. Through its line of plant-based, environmentally-friendly products and humanitarian efforts — which support community gardens and local school programmes such as Growing Chefs — the company is committed to empowering the community to embrace more plant-based choices in their diet.

According to Natasha Questel, VP of Marketing, “Eating more plant-based food also has lots of great benefits for the environment. For one, plants require less water and land resources to farm. Also, less greenhouse gas is emitted, which results in cleaner air. Earth’s Own lives its mission and values through its packaging as we boldly embrace using eco-friendly cartons made out of plants and sourced from sustainable forests. Better yet, Earth’s Own oats are grown by Canadian farmers and require just rainwater and sunshine to grow, making it quite literally one of the most sustainable food products to produce on the planet.”

Earth’s Own Oat barista are available for purchase in 946 mL cartons in retailers across Canada. Each serving size (1 cup) has 7 grams of fat, .5 grams of saturated fat, and 3 grams of protein. Oat Barista is enriched with vitamins including Vitamin A (10%), Calcium (30%), Vitamin D (45%), and Vitamin B12 (50%).

Earth’s Own’s range of plant-based beverages are vegan friendly and Non-GMO Project Verified. Unlike other oat brands that use canola or rapeseed oil to thicken their products, Earth’s Own oat beverages are all made with sunflower oil to provide a creamy texture and mouthfeel. The range includes oat, almond, cashew and soy beverages in 1.75-1.89L and 946 mL sizes. In addition to launching Oat Barista, the expanded beverage line-up now also includes Chocolate Oat in 1.75 L and 250 mL, and Unsweetened Original and Vanilla in new 250 mL single-serve sizes. Earth’s Own is available for purchase at major Canadian retailers.


May 27, 2019

Edmonton, Alberta:  Research scientists, clinicians, practitioners, and other representatives from academia, government research and regulatory agencies, as well as industry groups interested in research about the quality, safety and efficacy of natural health products are coming together in Edmonton, Alberta from May 26th – 29th, 2019.  The Natural Health Product Research Society of Canada (NHPRS) is pleased to host their 16th Annual NHP Research Conference.

The theme of the conference, Growing NHPs for the Future, reflects on Alberta’s vibrant agriculture, food and natural health product sectors. With a focus on environmentally sustainable practices and novel technologies, the conference is designed to showcase the research behind the social, economic and health benefits afforded by NHPs.

According to StatsCans The Canadian Community Health Survey – Nutrition[i], 45.6% of Canadians (approximately 15.7 million people) use at least one nutritional supplement regularly (e.g., vitamins, minerals, fibre supplements, and fish oils). This figure increases to 65.5% depending upon the person’s age and gender.

Commenting on the relevancy of the conference program for consumers, Dr. Heather Boon, Professor, University of Toronto, states that:

 “The Program will explore the latest scientific advances in natural health products that will enable Canadians to make well-informed healthcare decisions regarding the use of these products in the management of cancer, cardiovascular health, diabetes, infection and mental health.”

The Program features a roster of Canadian and international research scientists, including those from Brazil and the United States.  Dr. Pierre Haddad, tenured professor in the Department of Pharmacology and Physiology at the Université de Montréal, Quebec, comments on a unique aspect of Canadian research:

“There are significant on-going bridge-building research efforts between traditional indigenous medicine and modern science to examine traditional remedies; how they work; what makes them effective; and how safe they are, notably in combination with contemporary drugs. The Monday morning program will address these questions under the theme: “The Role of Indigenous Science in NHP Research”.

The conference also comes at a critical time when consumers are increasingly searching for information on the scientific evidence and quality of NHPs, which enables them to make informed choices about their health-care options. In turn, they expect researchers and healthcare practitioners to provide objective answers regarding the efficacy and safety of all medications—natural and pharmaceutical.


Happy Planet Farafena logos 300w

VANCOUVER, BC - May 22, 2019 - Vancouver-based companies, Happy Planet and Farafena have joined forces to bring ethically-sourced superfoods to consumers across Canada. In a new initiative led by Happy Planet aimed at supporting communities around the planet through ethical sourcing, Farafena’s sustainably-farmed Baobab and Moringa powder harvested by women smallholder farmers in Mali and Malawi are being blended into Happy Planet’s smoothies.

Read more: Happy Planet x Farafena Partnership and Contest

May 23, 2019

FoodProWest is the key industry buyers tradeshow and industry exhibition for all BC food, beverage, and natural health products processors; a place to congregate, network and connect with buyers, retailers, customers, and key industry players. The BCFPA has partnered with the BC government to bring in buyers from across Canada to see your products and make listing deals. 55 processor booths and 40 associate booths in one venue!

New for 2019:  Investors Mission - meet investors who want to help food companies grow!   Tour de Chefs - dozens of regional chefs looking for new products to work with!


For the first time ever, Product of the Year will be broadcasted LIVE at FoodProWest!  Cheer on your favourite brands, hear inspiring stories of local entrepreneurs, and be the first to see the newest, most innovative products on the West Coast! 

New for 2019:  the Product of the Year Pitch Competition!  Our annual ‘Dragon’s Den’ style event, where BC’s food, beverage, and NHP companies pitch in front a panel of judges to win Product of the Year Gold, Silver, and Bronze.  The 2019 Product of the Year Pitch Day will be at FoodProWest on June 3.  Winners will be announced at the BC Food and Beverage Awards Gala on September 17th. This year, Natural Health Products will be judged in their own category! Friends, family, fans, and staff can nominate a product.

See the latest in innovation and watch Product of the Year broadcasted LIVE for the first time at FoodProWest! Walk the trade show floor for the latest in food and beverage processing, packaging, financing, ingredients, and more.
Who Attends FoodProWest?
FoodProWest provides a unique opportunity to access hundreds of customers, suppliers, and industry connections: 
Food and Beverage Manufacturers
Natural Health Product Manufacturers
Category buyers from Canadian Retailers
Local Chefs
Accredited Investors
Industry Professionals & Consultants

Product and service suppliers (equipment, packaging, marketing, and more)
Government Agencies: Health Canada, Agriculture Canada, BC Ministry of Agriculture

The Honourable Lana Popham, Minister of Agriculture


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