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ABBOTSFORD, British ColumbiaAug. 21, 2019 /CNW/ -- 2019 marks the 30th anniversary for Silver Hills, a leader in sprouted products dedicated to empowering others by providing healthier food choices. Based in Abbotsford, BC, Silver Hills was founded on a mission of caring for one another to create a healthier world. Never losing sight of that mission, 30 years later, Silver Hills has more than 20 varieties of its high-quality artisanal breads, bagels, tortillas and buns, including its iconic Squirrelly Bread, all of which are plant-powered and feature nutrient dense sprouted grains.

The concept for Silver Hills Bakery was born at a small lifestyle spa – Silver Hills Wellness Spa in North Okangan – where Brad Brousson was working and quickly realized the need for a healthy bread for the guests. Brad had learned to make sprouted bread from scratch from his mom and was eager to share its nutritional power with others.  Stan and Kathy Smith, friends of the family, also realized the power of sprouted grains and joined Brad to help bake the nutritious loaves. Over time, the trio decided they had something special and branched out to create Silver Hills Bakery in 1989. Since then, Silver Hills has been delivering non-GMO, sprouted, plant-based products to communities throughout North America with care and purpose.

"Silver Hills started as a passion project between friends to bring delicious and nutritious sprouted breads to our local community. 30 years later, that passion is stronger than ever as we continue to deliver high-quality and delicious sprouted products to consumers across North America," says Stan Smith, co-founder of Silver Hills Bakery. "We're so excited to be celebrating 30 years of sprouted power and we thank our employees and customers for making this milestone possible. It's humbling to reflect on the lives we've been able to impact through the power of sprouted grains."

Today, Silver Hills Bakery has grown into one of North America's most successful health food brands, growing from a tiny local supplier to the third largest bakery in Canada over the last 30 years, sprouting all its grains in clean, cold Canadian water under optimal, carefully controlled conditions. Sprouting grains ensures blood sugar levels stay steady, providing energy to power a full day's work or play. Plus, essential nutrients, like B vitamins and vitamin C, are made more available to the body, providing a boost of focus and mental alertness.

Today the company remains a family-owned, family-focused company and employs over 300 people. Silver Hills products are distributed to over 350 retailers, in both natural foods retailers and major grocers, in both Canada and the United States.

"It's been a true honor working for Silver Hills for the past 16 years – this company is my second family - being a part of it is extremely humbling and makes me very proud," says Josh Healy, long term employee of Silver Hills Bakery.

Always a leader in the food wellness space, Silver Hills is also one of the first food brands in North America to ensure its products are free from glyphosate, the world's most widely used herbicide that has been linked to cancer by various experts including the World Health Organization. In addition to being guaranteed non-GMO, all Silver Hills products proudly display the Bio-Checked Non Glyphosate Certified seal, an emerging assurance that more and more consumers are seeking from the brands they trust.


woods wild logo on wood 300w
"Naturally Splendid is excited to launch their newest brand of bars, Woods Wild. Inspired by the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, Woods Wild has been formulated with the nature lover in mind. In four delicious flavors (Chaga Chocolate Chunk, Ginger Coconut, Maca Bee Pollen and Vanilla Spice), Woods Wild is; plant based, made in Canada and Keto/Paleo friendly. Enhanced with Chaga, Cordyceps, Lions Mane and Red Reishi mushrooms to increase recovery, defense, endurance and focus. A bar like no other with incredible taste."

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Wednesday, August 14, 2019 (Calgary, Alberta) – This week Canada’s leading organic baby food, snack and beverage brand, Baby Gourmet, is expanding the reach of its social good program, Heart of Baby Gourmet (HOBG) with a donation of $150,000 worth of its Slammers Snacks, organic snack pouches to charities that assist families and children in the Calgary and Toronto areas (click here for images).

Totalling 161,000 pouches, product has been split between the Calgary Food Bank and Daily Bread Food Bank in Toronto, both receiving 60,480 pouches and The Salvation Army, which received 40,040 pouches. The Salvation Army will utilize the pouches as part of its Filling Backpacks for Back-To-School Program, ensuring each student is provided with the same opportunity to learn.

“In 2018 The Salvation Army provided 3.2 Million free meals to Canadians in need. As we approach the beginning of a new school year, we realize that almost 1 in 5 children in Ontario are living in poverty and as such may not be eating nutritious meals that will allow them to achieve their full potential in school. Thanks to Baby Gourmet, this significant donation of Baby Gourmet Slammers Snacks will help us provide healthy nutritious food to many children. These snacks will be distributed out across the GTA through our food banks and also through our back to school programs that help families ensure their children have the supplies they need to enter the new school year." – Rob Kerr, Major, Divisional Secretary for Public Relations, Salvation Army.

Heart of Baby Gourmet launched its 2019 program with a donation to local Calgary non-profit, Inn from the Cold which included 20 boxes of Baby Gourmet’s Puffies, an organic quinoa snack. Since its unofficial launch in 2013, HOBG has continued to expand and support various community organizations on a national scale.

“Heart of Baby Gourmet was created to make our food accessible to everyone and is our way of giving back,” said Jen Carlson, Co-Founder of Baby Gourmet. “We’re incredibly grateful to partner with these amazing organizations andnot only make a huge difference to families and youth in need of nutritious meals, but to also encourage other local and regional businesses to join in the cause.”

When school is out, the stress and pressure on parents to feed their children multiplies. Without meal and snack programs, parents have to find alternative ways to provide food for their families and many rely on the support of food banks. At a time of year when our food stock is low, this generous and timely donation from Baby Gourmet will help to supplement hampers that will be going out to families in need all across the city.” – Neil Hetherington, CEO at Daily Bread.

“This generous donation will go a long way in meeting the needs of our Weekends & More program. Filling more than 8,600 kid-friendly hampers in a school year means Heart of Baby Gourmet is making sure students are getting the nutritious food they need on the weekends." – Shawna Ogston, Communications & Media Relations Supervisor, Calgary Food Bank.

To date, Heart of Baby Gourmet has donated 507,143 meals, with a mission to reach one million meals donated by 2025.


– Mary’s Organic Crackers Becomes Official Sponsor of This Year’s Organic Week –

MGC RTC Sweet Onion 3D Box 260w OTTAWA, ON (August 6, 2019) – Mary’s Organic Crackers, a multinational line of gourmet, gluten-free snacks, announced today the launch of the brand’s REAL Thin Crackers, which will hit store shelves at national Canadian grocers during Canada Organic Trade Association’s (COTA) Organic Week. Mary’s Organic Crackers will also sponsor COTA’s Organic Week, held from September 9-15, 2019.

“The roll out of our REAL Thin Crackers comes at an exciting time,” said Mary’s Organic Crackers Director of Marketing, Cate Baril. “We are thrilled to sponsor this year’s Organic Week in conjunction with the release of our latest health-centric snack. Both events exemplify our commitment to product innovation and clean eating.”

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