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The BC Food Processors Association is very pleased to invite you to FoodProWest 2018, the 11th Annual Expo and Buyer Day Tradeshow featuring 100 booths showcasing the best of BC food and beverage product innovation.  

With the theme of the Future of Food, you will see keynotes from leading food innovators, see the latest products, and watch a 3D food printer at work!  More than 90 international buyers are attending to view the products for retail in regional, national and international markets including the US and Asia Pacific.

See the attached MEDIA KIT for the schedule, speakers and exhibitor information, what to see and who to interview.

You can also cover the 2018 BC Food and Beverage Awards.  The winners for each award will be announced at our annual Awards Gala & Dinner, which will be held at the beautiful Westin Bayshore on the same evening,  June 21, 2018.  Cocktails 5-6pm , Dinner and Awards 6-930PM.

“The FoodProWest Gala Awards Dinner is BC’s Food and Beverage Oscars,” says James Donaldson, BCFPA Director and CEO. “It celebrates the achievements of food and beverage companies, big and small, and their staff who work hard to strengthen the industry as whole.”  

Finalists were selected in eight award categories by an independent judging panel, including a Hall of Fame induction and our hallmark award, The Product of the Year.  A complete listing of the AWARDS and the FINALISTS is HERE.

To cover the tradeshow and/or  reserve your seat at the Gala, please contact Tanya Tait    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.604 371-4245

For more information,   Please see the attached MEDIA KIT for information about what to see and who to interview!

Download this file (FoodProWest 2018 Media Kit.pdf)FoodProWest 2018 Media Kit.pdf[ ]2368 kB

VANCOUVER, May 22, 2018 /CNW/ - Koios Beverage Corp. (CSE: KBEV; OTC: SNOVF) (the "Company" or "Koios"), which makes brain healthy beverages that can improve cognitive function, is pleased to announce it has entered into an agreement with NeuraPerformance/Neuroptimize Brain Center whereby NeuraPerformance/Neuroptimize will perform full clinical brain scans on Koios users.

NeuraPerformance/Neuroptimize is the go-to brain lab and physiotherapy clinic for Colorado's elite athletes, including the Denver Broncos football team. The centre specializes in brain mapping, brainwave optimization, enhancing sports performance, baseline concussion testing and treatment.

NeuraPerformance/Neuroptimize will also stock and sell Koios beverages in the future, at its numerous locations.

"Our respective companies have a shared vision and passion for mental health and performance," said Rachel Ragsdale, director of brain mapping, neurofeedback and counselling at NeuraPerformance/Neuroptimize. "Helping them demonstrate the efficacy of their products is something we truly look forward to doing.  Additionally, adding their products to our platform of services creates tremendous value for our clients and the people we are trying to help.  Mixing technical science with their stellar products is a win for everyone."

The full clinical brain-scan study may provide evidence that Koios products may enhance cognition over the long term and help the Company fine-tune its beverages' performance.

"For many years we have been looking for the right partner and platform to test our technologies and products," said Chris Miller, CEO of Koios. "Not only will this clinical trial further substantiate our product formulation, but the data collected will pave the way to creating better technologies within our portfolio, and fulfiling our mission of creating some of the most functional organic products that support and enhance brain health and performance."

The initial results of the study are expected in July.


MORRISTOWN, N.J., May 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- PLT Health Solutions, Inc (Morristown, NJ). and zümXR (Denver, CO) are launching a new Green Coffee Bean Caffeine ingredient aimed at energy supplement, shot and food markets. The new ingredient is based on zümXR® Targeted Release Caffeine technology and will be available in Delayed Release, Extended Release and Liquid-Stable Extended Release forms. All zümXR ingredients feature state-of-the-art delivery system technology drawn from the pharmaceutical industry that represents a significant step forward from conventional caffeine coating technologies. This technology will allow food, beverage and supplement formulators to design custom energy profiles into their products, delivering predictable performance for the consumer. The companies feel the new Green Coffee Bean source of caffeine will resonate with consumers who prefer nature-based ingredients – and will open some new international markets. The caffeine is extracted via a supercritical CO2 process – without the use of chemical solvents. This makes zümXR one of the cleanest forms of caffeine on the market.

According to Sid Hulse, Vice President of Product Development at PLT Health Solutions, caffeine sourced from green coffee beans adds a new market audience for zümXR technology that has been delivering predictable, reproducible performance in energy profile design. "Since it was introduced, zümXR Targeted Release technology has generated excitement with product developers because of its ability to create high quality, experiential products. Green coffee bean caffeine opens up an entire new group of consumers to this technology and experience," he said. "With our high-quality beans, and our use of solventless supercritical CO2 extraction, we'll be offering the cleanest, highest quality energy experience on the market today. As the market matures, it is this kind of ingredient innovation that will help producers of consumer energy products," he said.

A Leap Forward in Caffeine Delivery Technology

Most approaches to making modified release caffeine feature lipids and waxes that were originally designed to mask flavor and later adapted to this application. Many of the early modified release solutions were done 'in tablet' rather than as an ingredient matrix, which meant no powder and no beverage applications. Laboratory testing has shown that, quite often, the extended release materials either give up too much caffeine too quickly, or don't give up enough caffeine at all – limiting the consumer's experience. The zümXR approach has been developed using pharma modeling techniques for dissolution design, with USP methodologies used to measure performance. It features high quality, tightly controlled coating materials that are heat stable, which broadens the applications where these ingredients can be used. The flexibility of this technology allows targeted release caffeine solutions to be used in a broad array of applications, including beverage, supplements, stick packs, powders, gummies, bars and gels. To date, most interest in these ingredients have been centered on using them in conjunction with immediate release caffeine in an effort to design an energy profile that offers an experiential energy boost fitting the application.

According to Sid Hulse, it is the predictable performance of these ingredients that helps deliver value in custom designed energy profiles. "The zümXR technology shows excellent reproducibility of dissolution profiles from batch to batch. As a result, we can design energy profiles that fit lifestyle requirements. For example, we can imagine a 'morning pick me up' that would function like a long-lasting cup of coffee, a pre-workout product that gives an extra boost of energy an hour or so into a workout without post workout crash. Or a 'long study night' product that gives smooth and steady long-term energy. The predictive performance of zümXR Targeted Release Caffeine makes it easy for formulators to deliver on the promises they make about their products," he said.


VANCOUVER, May 8, 2018 /CNW/ - Koios Beverage Corp. (CSE: KBEV; OTC: SNOVF) (the "Company" or "Koios"), is pleased to announce a new line of nootropic products today, including a nutritional instant mix powder and daily-use capsule.  The addition of these new products enables Koios to reach a broader audience and target a whole new demographic of customers.

"The powdered version of our supplement was a chance to really push the envelope from an ingredient stand point," said Chris Miller, CEO and Director.  "We wanted to pack more nutrients and nootropics into one product than any of our competition, while creating some of the better-flavoured supplements on the market."

The powder is for advanced nootropic users or someone looking for stronger and more intense cognitive benefits than what is found in the line of ready-to-drink products.

The new line of capsules uses the same winning formula as the Company's low-calorie, nutritionally-dense beverages, giving consumers the option of absorbing the active ingredients in capsule-form while on the go.

"Our powders and newly formulated capsules are the result of years of trial-and-error and trying to pack the most value and science we could into one supplement," said Miller. "These products are in line with our mission: To give people access to a healthier alternative to energy drinks, caffeine and unnatural ingredients.

The new line of powder flavours include Grape Bliss, BlueBerry Lemonade and Sour Apple.


VANCOUVER, May 7, 2018 /CNW/ - In addition to a new look, Koios Beverage Corp. (CSE: KBEV; OTC: SNOVF) (the "Company" or "Koios"), launched four new flavours today, as part of its rebranded, enhanced line of great-tasting, low-calorie and nutritional-dense beverage products. The new flavours are Pear Guava, Pomegranate Acai, Peach Mango and Blood Orange, bringing the total to six brain-healthy beverage products now in production.

Koios has worked with some of the best food scientists in the U.S. to develop a proprietary drink formula shown to stimulate short-term cognitive function, as well as support memory function over the long term. The enhanced ingredients of all natural products and nootropics include superfood lion's mane mushroom, which Whole Foods recently listed as a trending ingredient in its annual functional ingredients guide; and L-Theanine, an amino acid that has calming effects on the brain.

"We've spent the past year re-imagining what was possible and asking ourselves: 'Can we make Koios even more effective for the health-conscious consumer, while substantially enhancing the flavor profile?'" said CEO Chris Miller.

"Like any company, we are relentless in our pursuit to create the best products in their respective categories. Our newest iterations reflect this passion. From Day One, we have been and continue to search for combinations of natural compounds that can support brain function, without over-stimulating consumers with caffeine."

Koios, which began trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange on May 1st, 2018, is exploiting the functional beverage market. This industry is exploding thanks to a new generation of health-conscious consumers who are demanding healthy and nutritious beverage choices in response to North America's growing obesity epidemic.

The Company also has a new look, after spending the year rebranding itself.

"We wanted our packaging to be unique," said Miller. "We make functional beverages not energy drinks, so we made the packaging more simple, elegant and beautiful.  We lead with our ingredients instead of our brand name.  As consumers look for more natural products that can enrich their lives and the world at large, we wanted our branding to reflect this. We wanted it to look like what's inside the can – simple, clean and natural." 


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