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SASKATOON, Oct. 1, 2018 /CNW/ - It's a small Canadian success story that continually adds new chapters.

Born on the Prairies, Three Farmers Foods has experienced sustained, rapid growth since its introduction on CBC's Dragon's Den several years ago.

Introducing a line of wholesome, plant-based protein snacks, in addition to their camelina oils, Three Farmers has done its part in growing the Canadian economy by providing healthy food options for consumers.

This small company, through innovative practices, forged a path to the national forefront and captured the attention of top business minds in Canada.

Growth 500, which highlights 500 of Canada's fastest-growing businesses, ranks Three Farmers at 170th and is featured, along with the company, in Macleans magazine.

Three Farmers CEO Natasha Vandenhurk and her sister Elysia Vandenhurk, COO and a Red Seal Chef, saw their business take flight four years ago with the introduction of their snack line.

Canada is the world's largest producer of lentils and green peas. As one of the top producers of chickpeas for the world as well, the value-added innovation into pulse snacks was a natural evolution for Three Farmers Foods. Roasted Chickpeas launched in 2014, with roasted Pea Pops two years later. In October, Three Farmers introduces Crunchy Little Lentils.

High demand for these products compelled Three Farmers to expand existing manufacturing facilities. Three Farmers built and moved into a larger facility to accommodate custom roasters designed specifically to create their dry roasted, air-popped pulse snacks.

In growing their brand, Three Farmers stayed true to its values of transparency by allowing customers to track the story of how their food is grown and made with a number stamped on each bag of snacks.

Three Farmers is proudly Canadian. The growing of the products and the production is done on the prairies. Though the brand is sold nationally through independent and mainstream grocers across Canada, with expansion into the United States since January 2018.

"We love the idea of Three Farmers brand being sold around the world," Natasha Vandenhurk said. "Where we are at right now, the idea is to saturate the Canadian market, to grow our brand here, become a household name and trusted food brand… and to replicate that in the U.S."

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VANCOUVER, Sept. 4, 2018 /CNW/ - Koios Beverage Corp. (CSE: KBEV)(OTC: SNOVF) (the "Company" or "Koios") is pleased to announce it will be launching two additional products in October to augment its existing line of beverages.

The first product slated for release in October is a beverage infused with cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabinoid derived from hemp plants, along with Koios' proprietary nootropic stack.

CBD is commonly used in medical practice to deal with inflammation, pain, anxiety, and epileptic seizures. Unlike THC, which is also produced in the cannabis plant, CBD is not a psychoactive cannabinoid and does not cause the sensation of 'getting high' which is often associated with marijuana.

Nootropic supplements are used to enhance human productivity without using harmful chemicals or stimulants.  Koios products can enhance focus, concentration, mental capacity, memory retention, cognitive function, alertness, brain capacity and create all day mental clarity.

"We are just scratching the surface of what cannabinoids like CBD can do for human health," said Miller. "CBD is the best researched of all the cannabinoids within the cannabis plant, and is well known for its restorative effect on human health, and in dealing with various types of pain.

"With our focus on creating optimal human performance and health through our natural supplements, a CBD-infused beverage was a natural next step," Miller added. "With our current nootropic stack we will bring a product to market that aims to produce high levels of natural focus while simultaneously creating calming effects for the end user. A CBD infused beverage will be a tremendous value to the market and will allow us to come one step closer to realizing our vision of helping a billion people live healthier lives."

The second product slated for October will also be released through the Cannavated subsidiary, and will be a collaboration with the Company's partner Keef Brands, a division of CanCore Concepts Inc. (CanCore).

Keef Brands will manufacture, market and sell a line of beverages that are not only infused with THC, but also contain the nootropic supplements from the Koios line of brain enhancing functional beverages. The resulting product will be the first in the world to combine cannabis infusion with nootropic supplements that enhance the consumer's mental acuity.

Keef Brands has the exclusive rights to the Koios blend for Colorado, with the option of expanding the licensing agreement to Canada and the U.S., provided it complies with all rules and regulations in the markets where cannabis has been made legal.

The timing of the release of these products was pushed back due to the overwhelmingly positive result we have had launching our Pear Guava flavour. 

"The product sold out in its first month and forced us to alter our production schedule to meet the demand of our customers and retail partners," said Miller. "The timing on these new releases is critical and we want to ensure proper vertical alignment with our distributors as we approach the busy season."


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