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The 17th edition of the International Food & Beverage Tradeshow (SIAL Canada) and its section for the equipment and technology sectors (SET Canada) was 100% virtual this year, allowing the industry to come together and do business despite the restrictions in place. The show was held from September 28 to October 2 as Food Week, and this extraordinary edition ended on a remarkably successful note!

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TORONTO, Oct. 5, 2020 /CNW/ - Canada House Wellness Group (CSE: CHV) ("Canada House" or the "Company"), a fully integrated medical cannabis company, is pleased to announce the launch of its ICM Air™ and ICM Terre™ brands - a comprehensive suite of adult-use recreational cannabis products by its wholly owned subsidiary, IsoCanMed Inc. ("ICM"), in Quebec.  The suite of products has been launched in collaboration with Canada House's other wholly owned Licensed Producer, Abba Medix Corp. ("Abba").

ICM Air™ and ICM Terre™ products are packaged and distributed by Abba, which has a 22,000 square feet indoor production and packaging facility in Pickering, Ontario. The Quebec home-grown dried cannabis products are cultivated by IsoCanMed Inc., a Licensed Producer in Louiseville, Quebec growing cannabis in its 64,000 sq. ft. indoor production facility employing state-of-the-art vertical, aeroponic production methodologies.

"When we developed ICM AIR™, it was based on our own philosophy which is surpassing oneself and synonymous with vectors of change. Like the air, which brings to anyone a touch of freshness, ICM AIR™ stands out both in its unique method of production (aeroponic) and by its constant innovative pursuit of excellence." said Nathalie Delisle, V-P, Quality Systems and Regulatory Affairs at IsoCanMed Inc. "The brand ICM Terre™ is based on a philosophy of collaboration and mutual aid between Quebec licensed producers."

ICM's products will be available to Quebec consumers under its ICM Terre™ and ICM Air™ brands.  Please refer to the Company's press release of June 11, 2020 for details of the agreement between Canada House, ICM, and the Société québécoise du cannabis for a potential annual supply of 3,000 kg of cannabis product.

"I want to congratulate the team at ICM for this very important achievement. We have enhanced our operations at ICM in anticipation of this news and are extremely excited to launch our ICM Air™ and ICM Terre™ products into the Quebec market this calendar year," said Erik Bertacchini, President of ICM. "We know consumers want to enjoy new experiences with the confidence that what they buy will meet the highest levels of safety and quality that they deserve. We look forward to bringing these brands to our customers to enjoy responsibly."


MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, Oct. 05, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BioSyent Inc. (“BioSyent”, “the Company”, TSX Venture: RX) is pleased to announce the introduction of FeraMAX® Pd, a new oral iron supplement formulation, by its subsidiary BioSyent Pharma Inc. FeraMAX® Pd is a patented delivery system for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia and will be the foundation of future product developments.

BioSyent Pharma has a deep expertise and experience in the iron deficiency anemia therapy and prevention market, and in collaboration with its manufacturing partner, has developed a new proprietary formulation that will serve the needs of patients that suffer from low blood iron levels.

“We are excited about this new patented FeraMAX® Pd formulation which forms the platform for future product innovation,” commented René Goehrum, President and CEO of BioSyent Inc. “This introduction furthers BioSyent’s commitment to iron deficiency management and enables us to better meet the needs of healthcare professionals and patients through continued investment in the brand. Later this year we’ll be sharing news of the first product to use this new iron delivery system.”

FeraMAX® Pd is made with a homogeneous polysaccharide, Polydextrose, linked to ferric (Fe3+) elemental iron to form the proprietary iron complex, Polydextrose Iron Complex (“PDIC”). This formulation differs from the current FeraMAX® formulation which uses a heterogeneous mixture of polysaccharides in the iron complex forming a Polysaccharide Iron Complex (“PIC”). The change in formulation of FeraMAX® provides a more uniform molecular structure.

FeraMAX® Pd’s new enhanced delivery system, combined with its confirmed efficacy and good tolerability, make it the ideal choice for iron deficient patients who cannot tolerate ferrous salt-based oral iron alternatives.

Canadian healthcare providers and patients can confidently rely on the new formulation to provide the same benefits that have made FeraMAX® the #1 recommended iron supplement by Canadian Pharmacists and Physicians for five consecutive years, including 2020 (Pharmacy Practice+ and Profession Santé 2020 / The Medical Post and Profession Santé 2020 – Survey on OTC Counselling and Recommendations).

FeraMAX® Pd is Vegan Certified and is recognized by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada.


MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, Oct. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BioSyent Inc. (“BioSyent”, TSX Venture: RX) is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, BioSyent Pharma Inc., has signed an exclusive License and Supply Agreement with a European partner for a new product in the women’s health market for Canada. The product has been approved for sale in Canada, the U.S.A., Europe and in several other markets around the world.   BioSyent intends to launch the product to the Canadian market in Q2 2021.

“We are pleased to add this new gynecology product to our growing portfolio of women’s health products, including Tibella®, FeraMAX®, and RepaGyn®,” said René Goehrum, President and CEO of BioSyent. “We continue to deliver on our goal to bring products to Canada that are unique, differentiated and treat unmet medical needs. This new product is an excellent fit with the healthcare practitioners and patients we currently serve with our Women’s Health franchise and also adds a new group of customers managing infertility issues. As the new product is already approved, we can significantly shorten the time to launch.”


Immune Group 360wNutriStart Vitamin Company, based in Victoria, BC, has been providing top-tier health supplements for over 20 years, and they have a great group of immune-boosting supplements that are excellent for staying healthy during the cold/flu season:

Liposomal Vitamin C lasts up to 5 hours longer than a regular vitamin C; it helps bolster your immune system against cold and flu symptoms, and is the most bio-available form of this important vitamin.

ImmuneStart is a blend of clinically-proven, organically-grown mushrooms with astragalus extract.  It's a scientifically researched formula to provide extraordinary immune support.

Quick D Vitamin D liquid is an easy, cost-effective way to keep your immune system in check.  To enjoy extraordinary health, feed your body with the sunshine vitamin.  If you take only one supplement, this should be it!

Lactospore Microflora is a unique, patented probiotic, which helps support immune function through inhibiting pathogens and promoting the production of lactic acid.  Also available in Lactospore Supreme at 5x the strength.

Lots of in-depth information can be found at

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