You are here:   HomeNews ReleasesSpecialty Beverage Solutions has been appointed Canadian Master Distributor for Lotus Plant Energy!

Lotus Energy has taken the USA market by storm with over 8,000 food service establishments now offering Lotus. Lotus Energy concentrates are plant‐based and naturally crafted from nature's elite botanicals, super fruits, amino acids, and B vitamins. Lotus harnesses the nutritional power of coffee fruit (cascara) through a patented extraction/stabilization process that preserves the amazing health benefits of the coffee cherry. The process delivers maximized levels of all natural, never‐roasted coffee polyphenols that produce the powerful growth hormone BDNF (brain‐derived neurotrophic factor).

Lotus Energy attracts the coffee industry’s younger audience with a vibrant, flavourful, new way to enjoy the coffee plant without the health concerns of artificial/synthetic mainstream energy drinks. Lotus delivers the strength of an Americano cup of coffee without the acidity and negative side effects associated with coffee.

“The Canadian market has a very health conscious consumer base. We are very excited to offer our plant‐based product line through Specialty Beverage Solutions.” Scott Strader, CEO, Founder of Lotus Plant Energy.

“We have always considered ourselves pioneers in the Canadian market. We invest heavily in seeking out unique, upcoming and innovative products. Lotus Plant Energy is a serious game changer for our client base. Lotus Energy offers a healthy, non‐coffee, pick‐me‐up alternative and upgrades any drink menu with a whole new category of profitable beverages.” Daren Schwengler, President, Specialty Beverage Solutions.