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SAN DIEGO, Calif. – (Jan 7, 2019): Kick-start a healthier New Year with the support of the powerful new Binder Master blend, new from Nupeutics Natural. Founded on the belief that good health begins with plant-based nutrition and natural preventative care, Nupeutics Natural’s potent, all-natural wellness supplements aim to help manage the root causes behind imbalances in the mind and body. Backed by the latest in holistic science, new Binder Master blend detoxifies and purifies, helping to cleanse the body of cancer-causing free radicals, complex metals, and other harmful elements that threaten good health.

“Toxins are a problem for everyone” explains Bernadette Judge, RN, the Operations and Customer Service Manager at Nupeutics Natural. “We are exposed to them every day in everything from car exhaust to cleaning chemicals and contaminated water.” Eliminating such environmental and internal toxins is essential to keep them from recirculating through the body and, eventually, leading to disease and poor organ function - and Nupeutics Natural’s new Binder Master blend is here to help. 

Binder Master is a unique and powerful blend of natural ingredients that bind to toxins much like a magnet, carrying them safely out of the body. A traditional Indian remedy used for more than 3,000 years, antioxidant Humic and Fulvic acid act as free radical scavengers with a range of immunity, hypoglycemic, and anti-hypertensive effects. Silica helps to regulate insulin while boosting natural collagen production, building and protecting bones, joints, and ligaments. 

The potent new blend also features anti-inflammatory and intestinal regulating Aloe Vera - dubbed the “plant of immortality” by the ancient Egyptians - along with antioxidant, prebiotic Gum Arabic to help soothe the intestinal tract while combatting cardiac and hepatic toxicity. Apple Pectin helps to regulate digestion, lower cholesterol, fight diabetes, and boost weight loss. RS Alpha-Lipoic Acid supports healthy enzyme function while lowering blood sugar levels, removing excess metals from the body, and (as an added benefit) improving skin quality. 

Discover the latest Binder Master blend from Nupeutics Natural, along with a full collection of potent, nature-based wellness supplements, at Learn more about the Nupeutics Natural team and their mission to provide holistic wellness products that are safe, effective, and crafted by a company that can deliver on the promise of transparency at. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on Instagram to see real-life customer success stories and stay informed about new product releases.