First in Quebec: GURU MATCHA - Orient Serves as Inspiration for GURU Brewmaster's New Organic Energy Drink Flavour


MONTREAL, Nov. 20, 2019 /CNW Telbec/ - As the bold Quebec-based company GURU celebrates its 20th anniversary, a trailblazing pioneer in the organic energy drinks industry, it is proud to expand its innovative product line with the launch of GURU MATCHA, currently available Quebec.

GURU has a mission to clean up the seemingly toxic energy drink industry by providing consumers with beverages that are sourced from organic plants and low in calories. This year, GURU has created a new energy drink that both tastes great and is effective.


With a PhD in pharmacology, Luc Martin Privat, Vice-President of Research, Development & Innovation, and brewmaster at GURU, has mastered the art of blending botanicals. Looking to the traditions of the Far East for renewed inspiration, he crafted the new GURU Matcha based Japanese tea ceremonies, Buddhist culture, the energizing benefits of matcha tea, ginseng and monk fruit juice.


Matcha not only has the advantage of being naturally rich in caffeine, which promotes a boost in energy, but also in antioxidants. The organic matcha tea used in GURU Matcha comes directly from a Japanese agricultural producer and is categorized as "ceremonial" grade, that is, it bears the highest official quality designation in Japan.

The following Asian ingredients are added to the organic Japanese matcha:


Carl Goyette, President and CEO of GURU, said that "twenty years ago, we were the forerunners in the natural and organic energy drinks industry. Today, we are transforming our industry which tends to use long lists of chemical ingredients. We are delighted to see the current trend among consumers to choose healthy, plant-based products."

GURU Organic Energy Drink has added a new flavour to its lineup, GURU Matcha. GURU Matcha is available today in Quebec. It contains 140 mg of caffeine (equivalent to one cup of coffee) and only 25 calories per 355 ml cans.

Click here to see how the new GURU Matcha looks.