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August 28, 2019

A long standing favourite in the West, Cloud 9 Gluten Free is excited about now being available across Canada. The original All-Purpose-Baking Mix, made its Canadian retail debut in Costco in 2014 and proved to be a huge success. Since then, Cloud 9 has continued to develop its line of gluten-free mixes that never compromise on taste or texture.

“It was our goal from the very start to ensure that our gluten-free products were as good if not better than wheat based baking products,” said Mike Betcher, President and Founder of Cloud 9 Specialty Bakery in New Westminster BC. “We wanted to ensure that our products worked in both home and commercial baking applications so we built our own bakery to make sure our recipes worked. The following that we gained from our one location has inspired us to continue to expand our product line and keep making our customers smile.”

Cloud 9 was created with the intent of providing a delicious alternative to traditional products and even went further by ensuring that an allergen free,  “clean” ingredient deck would be their base requirement. And to ensure their products met the rigorous standards that they had set, Cloud 9 created its own blending and packaging plant in Burnaby BC which was the first Gluten-Free Certified Dry-Mix Facility in BC which has allowed them to ship products around the world.

Cloud 9 products are now available across Canada with Eastern distribution through Purity Life Health Products LP and Western distribution through Horizon Distributors and Nationwide Natural Foods. With no artificial flavours or colours, nut- free, soy-free, dairy-free, Kosher gluten-free, these unique blends that will have you wondering if they are gluten-free at all.

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