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August 1, 2019

Ann Arbor, Michigan - Most people have heard of the poison lead water delivered to Flint, Michigan residents. Despite gross negligence, this criminal assault finds no one held accountable, and the populous abandoned and ignored. The many waterborne toxins have long-term and permanent effects that require care which transcends typical western medicine thinking and treatments. The people need and deserve knowledgeable, loving care.

   Since 2017 the Rudolf Steiner Health Center has traveled to Flint providing free, effective detox cleansing treatments to those affected, addressing the intestines, liver, kidneys, strengthening metabolism and the immune system. For the Steiner Health Center to be accessible, useful, and trusted by Flint residents, they purchased an ambulance. Before doing so they were limited to caring for folks in churches and fields. Eden Foods helped sponsor this in a collaboration of compassion. The Flint Healing Mobile Unit ambulance was aptly named Compassion on Wheels.

   Some techniques being used by the Health Center are liver compresses, footbaths, herbal teas, vitamin and mineral supplements, and good foods to support all the body systems. Flax seed, activated charcoal, bentonite clay, chlorella, yarrow, homeopathy, horsetail, milk thistle, dandelion, caraway, chicory, St. John's wort, and licorice to detox and strengthen Flint residents.

   On July 15 Eden Foods' staff enjoyed the pleasure of meeting with The Rudolf Steiner Health Center staff and interns who are making this care happen. Through an existing internship program, working with medically and financially needy patients, they field a skillful, compassionate care crew.

   Eden Foods is pleased being associated with this work.