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April 1, 2019 (Burnaby, BC) – Pioneering plant-based beverage company,Earth’s Own, re-emerged today onto the market with a new design, simplified product line and a rallying call to join the plant-based revolution. Through this fresh re-brand and new eye-catching packaging, the Canadian-based company is educating the nation about the positive impact a plant-based lifestyle has on both the planet and people, and aims to ignite a movement change at a time when nearly half of Canadians want to incorporate more plant-based foods into their diets.

With research revealing that Canadians place a great deal of value on minimizing environmental impacts, Earth’s Own has also made a bold move to create all of its cartons from plants grown in sustainable forests and take a conscious stand against plastic containers.

“We’re on a mission to change the world through a plant-based movement,” says Rex Sheehy, President of Earth’s Own. “This commitment to the planet has run through the company since we first began in 1998. We want Canadians to choose plants over dairy  because a personal commitment to plant-based eating will make the biggest impact on the health and survival of the planet, and positively impact land and water usage. At Earth’s Own, it’s our goal to be a catalyst for change – and it’s time that we bring our passion to the forefront of our packaging and onto the supermarket shelves.”

To simplify the product offering, the company has consolidated its previous sub brands – So Nice, So Fresh and So Good – into one master Earth’s Own brand. This family of organic, non-dairy beverages now boast playful and hard-to-miss packaging, alongside a new logo and tagline “We dig plants.”

Earth’s Own range of non-dairy beverages are Canadian, vegan friendly, Non-GMO Project Verified and include organic product options. Eating more plant-based products over meat and dairy means less greenhouse gas is emitted, there is reduced water and air pollution, and valuable land and water resources are protected.

Sheehy continues: “Plant-based eating has a massive impact on the earth, and we realize we have an important role to play in educating and inspiring more Canadians to adopt a plant-based lifestyle for the sake of their health and that of the planet. This is so much more than great-looking new products. This is about bold messaging and about putting a stake in the ground for what we believe in. We invite anyone who shares our vision for a bright new future to join our cause.”

To support this vision, Earth’s Own is making an impact locally by supporting local school programs, like Growing Chefs, and community gardens in lower income neighbourhoods as a way to introduce plant-based eating to the masses. A new marketing campaign entitled “PLANTIFUL LIFE” showcases the importance and benefit of thinking plants-first; the community-based campaign launches in April and hopes to inspire a nation to take action in embracing a plant-based lifestyle.

Earth’s Own currently offers a whole range of Oat, Almond, Cashew, Soy and Organic plant-based beverages in 1.75-1.89L and 946 mL sizes. In April, it’s expanding the Oat beverage line-up to include Chocolate in 1.75 L and 250 mL, Barista Edition in 946 mL, and Unsweetened Original and Vanilla in new 250 mL sizes. Earth’s Own is available for purchase at major Canadian retailers.


Comet Bio, a manufacturer of healthy and sustainable ingredients, has been named the winner of this year’s World Food Innovation Awards for Best Ingredient Innovation. The award recognizes the company’s Arabinoxylan prebiotic dietary fiber extract, and Sweeterra™ syrup blends which are functionally equivalent alternatives to corn syrup but with up to 35% less calories, lower sugar, and higher dietary fiber.

“We are honored to be named a winner at this year’s World Food Innovation Awards for our healthy, sustainable ingredients,” said Comet Bio’s CEO Rich Troyer. “Today’s consumers expect products that address their health concerns while also tasting great and being sustainably produced. Our ingredients provide companies in the nutraceutical, food and beverage industries with ingredients that support gut health, reduce calories, and lower sugar levels without compromising the quality of their end products.”

Comet Bio upcycles food and farm leftovers – such as wheat stems and corn stalks – into healthy, sustainable, and natural ingredients for use in supplements, foods, and beverages. The company’s Arabinoxylan dietary fiber is a prebiotic dietary fiber that can be used to improve the health profile of gummies, bars, drinks, and supplements. The company’s Sweeterra™ syrup blends are a natural, functionally equivalent alternative to corn syrup giving companies a healthier sweetener option. Their Sweeterra™ 63DE blend has up to 35% less calories, lower sugar, and higher dietary fiber content than traditional corn syrup, while their Sweeterra™ 95DE syrup is highly pure and non-GMO. According to an independent Lifecycle Carbon Emissions Assessment (LCEA), Comet’s ingredients reduce greenhouse gases by up to 60% compared to traditional corn syrup.

Comet Bio’s manufacturing process closes the loop on the food system, and helps turn food and farm leftovers into an economic opportunity for farmers and food and beverage producers alike.


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