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January 22, 2020 (Vancouver, BC) -  Plastic Oceans Canada is pleased to announce the Run Against Plastic, a cross-country initiative encouraging the public to help eliminate plastic pollution in Canada's lakes, rivers, and oceans. The yearlong event represents the largest consolidated cleanup in Canadian history. 

The Run Against Plastic is built around a national tour following Andy Sward, an avid runner who has run from coast to coast three times, clearing litter along the way (to see how his 2019 journey unfolded visit @millionbottlepledge). This year, Plastic Oceans Canada is encouraging the public to support Andy's efforts by purchasing plastic offsets, like their early business adopter 100 brand Water. The public can also get involved by attending the organized cleanups or engaging in community advocacy. The 2020 tour starts in St. John's, Newfoundland on April 12 and ends in Tofino, British Columbia on October 18.

"Run For Plastics and Andy's dedication to preserving the environment, allows us to carry our message and efforts across Canada, from east to west," said Adrian Midwood, executive director of Plastic Oceans Canada. "We look forward to meeting as many local organizations as possible along the way, establishing new relationships, and learning how they tackle the plastics issue on their home shores."

"Every time I run across our country, I witness firsthand the overwhelming impact of our single-use lifestyle - a lifestyle that has become the North American norm, and is taking an obvious toll on the environment," said Andy Sward. "If every person started to make conscious purchasing decisions and reduced single-use items, we could significantly turn the dial on environmental preservation. I feel confident that partnering with Plastic Oceans Canada will spread awareness of this message across our country. We hope you'll follow our journey, and we appreciate your support along the way!"

Plastic Oceans Canada is a CRA-registered charity that shares free resources supporting public efforts to reduce the single use plastic. The organization's programs include film screenings, educational presentations, and workshops that aim to inspire communities to organize pubic clean-ups and reduce their overall plastic footprint. The charity is currently creating a central database that lists Canadian organizations involved in the pursuit of the issue of plastic pollution.

To support the Run Against Plastic and contribute to both Plastic Oceans Canada and Andy's goal of executing Canada's largest consolidated clean-up purchase a plastic offset. For more information visit


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SAN DIEGO, Calif. – (Jan 7, 2019): Kick-start a healthier New Year with the support of the powerful new Binder Master blend, new from Nupeutics Natural. Founded on the belief that good health begins with plant-based nutrition and natural preventative care, Nupeutics Natural’s potent, all-natural wellness supplements aim to help manage the root causes behind imbalances in the mind and body. Backed by the latest in holistic science, new Binder Master blend detoxifies and purifies, helping to cleanse the body of cancer-causing free radicals, complex metals, and other harmful elements that threaten good health.

“Toxins are a problem for everyone” explains Bernadette Judge, RN, the Operations and Customer Service Manager at Nupeutics Natural. “We are exposed to them every day in everything from car exhaust to cleaning chemicals and contaminated water.” Eliminating such environmental and internal toxins is essential to keep them from recirculating through the body and, eventually, leading to disease and poor organ function - and Nupeutics Natural’s new Binder Master blend is here to help. 

Binder Master is a unique and powerful blend of natural ingredients that bind to toxins much like a magnet, carrying them safely out of the body. A traditional Indian remedy used for more than 3,000 years, antioxidant Humic and Fulvic acid act as free radical scavengers with a range of immunity, hypoglycemic, and anti-hypertensive effects. Silica helps to regulate insulin while boosting natural collagen production, building and protecting bones, joints, and ligaments. 

The potent new blend also features anti-inflammatory and intestinal regulating Aloe Vera - dubbed the “plant of immortality” by the ancient Egyptians - along with antioxidant, prebiotic Gum Arabic to help soothe the intestinal tract while combatting cardiac and hepatic toxicity. Apple Pectin helps to regulate digestion, lower cholesterol, fight diabetes, and boost weight loss. RS Alpha-Lipoic Acid supports healthy enzyme function while lowering blood sugar levels, removing excess metals from the body, and (as an added benefit) improving skin quality. 

Discover the latest Binder Master blend from Nupeutics Natural, along with a full collection of potent, nature-based wellness supplements, at Learn more about the Nupeutics Natural team and their mission to provide holistic wellness products that are safe, effective, and crafted by a company that can deliver on the promise of transparency at. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on Instagram to see real-life customer success stories and stay informed about new product releases.


VANCOUVER, Dec. 16, 2019 /CNW/ - ELSE NUTRITION HOLDINGS INC(TSX-V: BABY, OTCQB: BABYF) ("Else" or the "Company"), a developer of plant-based alternatives to dairy-based baby nutrition, announces that it has received a favorable regulatory assessment of its toddler formula ingredients from EAS Consulting Group, LLC, which conducted a preliminary review of the Else formula in view of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) requirements. 

With vast, global expertise in regulatory approvals, and specialty in FDA requirements, EAS has unique experience and capability pertaining to the introduction of food, drinks and new infant formulas.

"The EAS Infant Formula Team has confirmed that Else toddler formula intended to be marketed in the U.S. meets the regulatory requirements for general food as required for a toddler formula," stated Dr. Fabiana Bar-Yoseph, Else's Director of Clinical Development, Regulatory and Scientific Affairs. She added, "This regulatory validation marks a significant step as we look to bring a nutritious, plant-based toddler formula to the U.S. market."

Else Nutrition's 100% plant-based toddler formula is set to launch in the U.S. market in the second quarter of 2020.


HAMILTON, Ontario, Nov. 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Goodness Me! is offering a new look amid the street closure that has impacted over 50 storefronts during the 7-month long construction. As CHCH News has mentioned in their article about local businesses surviving the construction, it seems that most customers wanted to avoid the mess, confusion, and frustration that Locke St. was providing. Now that Locke St. is open to the public once again, businesses like Goodness Me! are hoping to remind customers what unique qualities they bring to the trendy street. 

During the summer, Goodness Me! closed its doors for one week to re-vamp their Locke St. location that they have called home for over 15 years. With the renovation, Goodness Me! now offers a fully customizable salad bar with fresh ingredients and made in-house salad dressings. They are also offering options for soups, sandwiches, and wraps. The vision for the Goodness Me! renovation was to become a pop-in shop where you could grab everything you need in one trip. Grabbing lunch, picking up grocery items for dinner, re-stocking your supplements, trying a new personal care item, and taking coffee to go is now a reality for customers at Goodness Me! on Locke St. 

Along with offering new lunch items, more fresh produce, local meat and dairy options, and bulk foods – Goodness Me! has brought in bright and welcoming artwork by local artist Lester Coloma. Lester’s art may look familiar to a Hamiltonian because he has a wide range of beautiful murals across the city of Hamilton. Some examples of Lester’s work include the inside of The Mule restaurant located on King William St., the exterior of Cake & Loaf Bakery on Durand St., and the Corktown exterior mural that is over 130ft long! 

This collaboration with Lester Coloma was important to Goodness Me! - Since the very beginnings, Goodness Me! has been dedicated to partnering with local communities, may that be local farmers, local businesses, or local artists that share similar values. You can see the newly renovated Goodness Me! and everything it has to offer on November 30, 2019, during the official grand re-opening of Locke St. presented by the Locke St. BIA. Come on by and grab a free hot chocolate between 11 AM-4 PM, check out the hundreds of products that will be on sale in-store and visit other stores along the strip to see what they have going on!

For more information about Goodness Me! Natural Food Market visit:


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