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GUELPH, ON, July 8, 2021 /CNW/ - Following a recent collaboration announcement between Guelph based Purity-IQ and the NHP Research Alliance (NHPRA) at the University of Guelph, the Agriculture and Food Laboratory (AFL), an arm of the University of Guelph, Laboratory Services, has also now entered into an agreement with Purity-IQ.

The agreement will enable Purity-IQ to commercially deploy its proprietary standard operating procedures and validated novel molecular diagnostics to help tackle ingredient species identification and authentication issues challenging the natural health product (NHP) industry.

Leveraging the unparalleled scientific expertise at the AFL will ensure the delivery of timely, trusted results that meet AFL's own high standards. AFL is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada through U of G's Laboratory Services Division.

Increased demand for herbal products has led to the adulteration of many products, including ingredients not declared on the label. Searching for specific herbal ingredients has also led to the exploitation of natural resources and loss of habitats.  Purity-IQ aims to deliver innovative genomic (DNA) and metabolomic (NMR) analytical tools for industry to cost-effectively identify and authenticate products for consumers, protect biodiversity and ensure the sustainability of raw NHP ingredients.

"Adding AFL as a commercial ISO 17025 lab service rounds out our Purity-IQ commercial offerings and allows us to expand our existing probiotic species identity and authenticity services to the NHP industry.  This will permit us to increase testing volumes, provide quicker turnaround time for results and provide an industry "gold-standard" certification option, as a value-added benefit", states John Snow, Chief Operating Officer, at Purity-IQ.

Together, Purity-IQ, the NHPRA and AFL will establish the gold standard for the development and validation of scientific methods and requirements for NHPs. This collaboration will create an academic, scientific and commercial powerhouse uniquely positioned to deliver practical quality assurance tools to enhance brand trust with consumers.

"The NHPRA is honored to support the research and co-development of validated molecular diagnostic tests with the AFL. This R&D partnership underpins one of the most comprehensive quality assurance certification programs by Purity-IQ," adds Dr. Steven Newmaster, Director at the NHPRP.

"The AFL is uniquely positioned to facilitate development and transfer of new technologies within its mature quality system," says Dr. Shu Chen, Manager, Analytical Biology at the AFL. "The collective expertise and experience among Purity-IQ, the NHPRA and the AFL allows us to bring new methods online quickly to support the NHP industry."


June 16, 2021 (Montréal, Quebec): Evive Nutrition, a family-owned business that started out of a kitchen in rural Quebec and who evolved into one of North America’s top nutrition brands, is announcing their latest retail partnership with distribution giant KeHE. 

Evive was founded by Dominic Dubé and Claudia Poulin, both university students at the time and having switched to a vegan diet, were wanting delicious, flavourful, and wholesome meals that didn’t require time-consuming prep or cooking. The pair created a prototype blender-free smoothie in Claudia’s parents’ kitchen, combining frozen cubes of organic fruits, veggies and plant-based superfoods in a jar, topping it with liquid and shaking.

In 2019, after having spearheaded the healthy food market for over four years in Canada, the company launched their smoothie line in the US and products are now available in stores across the country. A partnership with KeHE will allow Evive to maximize their retail presence by pitching their unique smoothie cube concept to new retailers. 

Evive plans to work hand in hand with KeHE and other strategic partners that will help reach national distribution in the organic food market with a tremendous amount of support and business growth. 

“We jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with KeHE on this new venture as it meant working alongside a distributor that would not only help us achieve our overall mission, but guide us along this new journey, in the United States. We are excited to be able to branch out into this new market and hopefully take it by storm as we introduce our innovative smoothies on both coasts of the country with the help of our new partner, KeHE.” says Alicia Lahey, Vice President of Sales at Evive Nutrition. 

Since launching in 2015, Evive has sold over 10 million smoothies, with the most coveted flavours including Samourai (a refreshing blend of berries, vegetables, plant-based proteins and seeds), Saphir (a brain-boosting brew boasting mixture of tropical fruits, cauliflower, coconut cream and spirulina) and Viva (an antioxidant-rich combination of dragon fruit, hemp seeds and vegetables).

Evive’s products are available for purchase online, and at over 3,000 select grocery stores across North America.


Pods group PP

NutriStart has recently updated their unique NutriPods line; replacing folic acid with its much more absorbable form of Methylfolate (L-5 MTHF). This form of the nutrient is directly bioavailable, independent of genetic variants of folate dependent enzymes; mitigating the risk of accumulating unmodified folate in the body.

NutriPod pre-made packs fit easily into your pocket, purse, or backpack. Save time and up to 50% off the cost of buying these nutrients separately. Convenient, ready-to-go packs make taking your vitamins a snap. Every bottle contains 30 individual convenient pod packs. For more info, go to


Sidney, British Columbia – May 11, 2021 – Cascadia Seaweed is launching its new Kove line of seaweed-based products on Thursday, May 20th with a brand reveal and giveaway during their inaugural Seaweed Days festival. Seaweed is a regenerative powerhouse for the planet; beyond capturing carbon and producing oxygen, it is incredibly healthy for humans to eat. Register to be one of the first to try Kove’s new seaweed-based food products, plus get the chance to win a coveted West-Coast Getaway for 2 to Moutcha Bay Resort.

“We can’t wait to welcome you to the Kove for this exclusive preview when we’ll reveal our new line of seaweed products, unveil our logo and creative, and share our sustainability story,” said Desirée Dupuis, VP Sales & Marketing, Cascadia Seaweed. “Seaweed and algae produce up to 80% of the world’s oxygen supply. Grown using only sea and sunlight, Kove is a sustainable and delicious way to snack.”


Regenerative ocean farming is growing crops that breathe life back into the ocean. That’s why seaweed is the future. The earth’s atmosphere is being filled with carbon, and as the carbon rises, so does the temperature. Seaweed removes megatons of carbon each year.


Kove and its parent company, Cascadia Seaweed work closely with First Nations and coastal communities to help cultivate seaweed in ways that are climate and people positive.


Ancient cultures knew what we are only rediscovering; seaweed is incredibly healthy for humans to eat. It’s good for you and the planet too.


LOS ANGELES, CA – (May 4, 2021)– Vie 4 Health, LLC, announces the launch of Vie, a vitamin and energy drink mix formulated in conjunction with top dieticians and vitamin formulators for those on a plant-based diet and anyone reducing their meat and dairy intake. Mixed in 16 ounces of water, the all-natural, 100% plant-based fizzy drink delivers 24 vitamins, minerals, and amino acids as well as guarana and green-tea caffeine for a natural energy boost.

As stated in this recent article in Forbes, we as a global community have become far more conscious about our health as a result of the COVID pandemic. Vie vitamin and energy mixes were made specifically for health conscious people who want to safeguard their nutritional intake yet avoid the additional unwanted ingredients contained in a traditional non-vegan multivitamin and energy drink.


Unlike traditional vitamins, Vie plant-based vitamin drink mix:

  • Is 100% plant-based, with a formula that includes extra B-12, Omega-3s, amino acids, magnesium, zinc, and more
  • Is absorbed into our bodies faster than pills or gummies (and don’t we all need to drink more water!)
  • Is made with natural ingredients that you can actually see—flaxseed, pumpkin seed and grape seed
  • Gives athletes, busy parents and weekend warriors sustained energy for their on-the-go lifestyle without sugars and artificial colors
  • Provides the necessary nutrients to strengthen immunity, reduce brain fog and improve mood 

Some of the most influential medical institutions in the world have addressed the need for those on a plant-based diet to focus on certain nutrients. In a recent article, the Mayo Clinic stated, “The more restrictive your diet is, the more challenging it can be to get all the nutrients you need.” Also, speaking specifically about Vitamin B-12 deficiency, Colleen De Bellefonds in Women’s Health magazine writes, “Not getting enough (Vitamin B-12) can put you at risk for a specific type of anemia that can eventually lead to nervous system damage.”

“Experts state eating a plant-based diet is better for your health, the environment and of course is more humane, but getting the nutrients you need can be a challenge,” states Vie 4 Health Founder and CEO Greg Newman, “and that is particularly true with people who are returning to their busy, post-COVID lives by going to the gym, traveling, commuting and shuttling their kids to school and sports.”


  • 100% plant-based and cruelty-free
  • Packaged in single use, portable, recyclable stick packs
  • Price: $19.99 for a 15 pack, $29.99 for a 30 pack
  • Available in lemon-lime, orange and grape flavors
  • Packed with 24 vitamins and other vital nutrients
  • Purchase at

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