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As the COVID-19 pandemic as we know it started to take hold, Ken began deep-diving into the particulars of supplements, lifetstyles, and other factors that can influence our immune response to symptoms related to COVID-19.  Since March, Ken has written a great deal about many aspects of this virus, citing many current trials and studies, as well as referencing important discoveries from the past.  

We've compiled and organized all relevant newsletters into a cohesive, downloadable PDF, with embedded links to every citation.  All of this is also available as individual newsletters on our resources page, but this downloadable version is a great way to have all of this research all in one place.

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Ken Peters has been in the health and nutrition field for over 30 years as a researcher, writer, and nutritional consultant.  He works in product research and development for NutriStart Vitamin Company, among others.  



January 07, 2021

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Herbalife Nutrition (NYSE: HLF), a premier global nutrition company, today launched Protein Baked Goods Mix, officially entering the baked goods category. Specially formulated to be combined with Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix, consumers can now make high-protein and nutritious muffins, waffles, donuts and pancakes offering a new way to consume protein throughout the day to help satisfy hunger and keep weight-management goals on track.

“Daypart offerings have been increasingly growing, and we are excited to enter this space with the introduction of the Protein Baked Goods Mix, a nutritious and convenient way to increase consumers’ protein intake at any time of the day,” said Ibi Montesino, senior vice president, managing director, North America.

Breakfast, once considered the most important meal of the day, is no longer the case, as consumers' consumption habits have shifted in recent years. According to research, half (46%) of consumers enjoy eating breakfast foods at non-traditional times, especially at dinner (56%). The popularity of breakfast foods may be tied to increasing protein-rich options and snacking occasions among millennial consumers.

“We are committed to developing products to help consumers stay on track with their healthy lifestyle goals while offering healthy options like our Protein Baked Goods Mix, packed with protein and key nutrients to help satisfy people’s tastes while adding variety to their meals,” said Dr. Kent Bradley, Chief Health and Nutrition Officer, Herbalife Nutrition.

When combined with any flavor of Formula 1, Protein Baked Goods Mix makes a nutrient-dense muffin that is gluten-free, low glycemici, suitable for vegetariansii and people with diabetes,iii and contains:

  • 24 grams of high-quality protein
  • 21 vitamins and minerals
  • 190 calories
  • 5 grams of fiber
  • No artificial sweeteners*i

To make a protein muffin, combine Protein Baked Goods Mix with any Formula 1 Meal Replacement shake flavor in a mug, add water and microwave for 3 minutes. No eggs, no milk needed.

For more baked goods recipes using Protein Baked Goods Mix, including pancakes and waffles, visit


MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, Dec. 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BioSyent Inc. (“BioSyent”, “the Company”, TSX Venture: RX) is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, BioSyent Pharma Inc., has commenced the first shipments of Combogesic® to Canadian wholesalers. Combogesic® is the first fixed-dose combination of acetaminophen and ibuprofen in a single tablet in Canada and is indicated for the short-term management of mild to moderate acute pain and the reduction of fever in adults.

Combining two trusted, familiar, and effective active ingredients, acetaminophen and ibuprofen, in a new patented formulation, Combogesic® brings together two different modes of action into one effective pain reliever. Though the two active ingredients have been available in Canada for decades, Combogesic® represents the first Health Canada approved combination of these proven pain relievers in a single tablet.

“A novel combination of two popular non-prescription analgesics – ibuprofen and acetaminophen – Combogesic® provides clinicians with an additional therapeutic option for achieving multimodal analgesia for mild to moderate pain management in adults without compromising the well-established safety profile of either active constituent,” said Dr. Nardine Nakhla, a community pharmacist and clinical lecturer at the University of Waterloo School of Pharmacy.

BioSyent Pharma Inc. in-licensed Combogesic® for Canada from AFT Pharmaceuticals Ltd. who market the product, either directly or through partners, to 44 other countries under various brand names including Maxigesic®. In other markets it comes in different dosage forms and strengths. The efficacy of Combogesic® is based on its clinically proven unique ratio – one tablet contains 325 mg of acetaminophen and 97.5 mg of ibuprofen, a 3.3:1 ratio.

Combogesic® has a well-established safety and tolerability profile and is opioid-free. The safety of Combogesic® is comparable to similar doses of either acetaminophen or ibuprofen alone. Examples of acute pain include headaches, menstrual cramps, sprains, and strains. Acute pain can also occur from tissue injuries and after surgical operations.

“We are pleased to make Combogesic® available to Canadians as a new option for the management of acute pain and reduction of fever,” said René Goehrum, President and CEO of BioSyent. “Canadians consume over 2.7 billion doses of analgesics annually to treat acute pain or fever and our research tells us that a portion of this market is not satisfied. We are excited to achieve this milestone of bringing Combogesic® to the market and to have it contribute to the long-term growth and diversification of our Canadian pharmaceutical business.”

Combogesic® is available without a prescription by simply asking at the pharmacy counter or by ordering on-line.

You can find more information about Combogesic® at


Toronto, Ontario - December 15, 2020 - SUKU Vitamins, a sugar-free, non-GMO, gummy supplement line, is now available at Whole Foods and Loblaws across Canada. While most businesses have experienced their most challenging year to date, SUKU continues to experience rapid growth in the vitamin category. Whole Foods and Loblaws, two of Canada’s largest retailers, are among the latest to carry this sugar-free, non-GMO, plant-based gummy vitamin that’s free of sugar-alcohols and artificial sweeteners, colours, and ingredients. 

“We’re thrilled to be carried in such prestigious retailers like Whole Foods and Loblaws,said Ju Young Yoo, Co-Founder SUKU Vitamins. “The fact that we’ve seen such record growth this year, despite having to cancel most of our business travel, trade shows, and events, shows us that consumers care more than ever about their health and wellness.”

Whole Foods has picked up the company’s most popular products, including Appley Ever After, Mega Magnesium, and the Men’s and Women’s Complete Multivitamin. In addition to these skus, Loblaws has also added Restful Sleep and Radiant Complexion.

“Sugar alcohols, which are commonly found in many of the “sugar-free” vitamins on the market, have been known to cause digestive issues and are not fully absorbed by the body,” said Alexandra Azouri, Vice President of SUKU Vitamins. “The conscious, savvy consumer who shops at Whole Foods and Loblaws is exactly our SUKU buyer. It’s a natural fit for our products to be carried here, as it’s a safe, clean, and sugar-free alternative that’s highly effective.”


WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Dec. 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kane Biotech Inc. (TSX- V:KNE; OTCQB:KNBIF) (the “Company” or “Kane Biotech”), a biotechnology company engaged in the research, development and commercialization of technologies and products that prevent and remove microbial biofilms, is pleased to announce the commercial launch of its DermaKB™ shampoo, shampoo bar and scalp detoxifier as the first products in their new skin care line.

Derma KB products will be sold direct-to-consumer through Kane’s new online commerce site:

“The launch of our DermaKB™ line is a major milestone for Kane as it marks our first commercialized products outside of Animal Health. Kane has developed a deep portfolio of anti-biofilm products, and our team is working hard to accelerate commercialization. Over the past year more than 4500 people have tested our DermaKB products and the results show high efficacy rates. I’m confident we can build these products into a commercial success,” commented Marc Edwards, CEO Kane Biotech.

The retail site will offer several shampoo products that contain Kane Biotech’s proprietary patented coactiv+™ technology. The products are formulated to provide an effective cleansing of the scalp, helping support the reduction of skin irritation and other symptoms associated with common skin conditions. DermaKB™ shampoo will be available on the website in a 1000ml bottle as well as in a four-pack of 45g shampoo bars. Additionally, a 500ml bottle scalp detoxifier will complement the product offering. The DermaKB™ product line is purposely unscented to avoid any further irritants for the consumer.

Kane’s Director of Marketing, Wendy Nachtigall, explains that “the DermaKB™ line is a high margin, premium line of shampoos and skin care products that contain no harsh chemicals for which we’ve chosen a direct-to-consumer approach. We intend to continue and further refine our consumer trials as part of our customer acquisition strategy. By leveraging social media, we have been able to entice consumers to try our products and the majority of people who do try our products have indicated both improvements in their conditions as well as their intent to purchase. We believe this can potentially be a very cost-effective customer acquisition strategy.”

“Over four thousand participants is a large consumer trial by anyone’s standard,” indicated Chief Scientific Officer Gordon Guay, PhD. “Prior to joining Kane, I spent 25 years as a research fellow at Proctor & Gamble where I had the opportunity to work on the development and validation of hundreds of new products. The results of this study clearly show there are a lot of people in discomfort and that our new shampoo line can bring relief to a substantial number of them.


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